Silver God Ch. 0 – First Version

Aka. Glory of the fourth soul

Chapter 0: Death

Shining white armor made out of the stone my students created after studying their whole life and a railgun faster than the speed of light combined with artificial created life best describes what I’m seeing right now. Especially my newest student came up with inventions even I couldn’t replicate no matter how hard I tried. Also this material always glows when he comes by as if it is attracted by his very presence. Two ceta days ago the newbie came to retrieve a device said to link two souls together, in order to be notified when its finished and he mentioned to not forget the 245125614464 change. Wait, what did he tell me again? Anyways, doesn’t matter for now, because I’m about to see something amazing. Here I am, in the middle of nowhere on a small planet next to the one and only planet in the whole galaxy, the dream of every kid, where every success full genius comes from, that can be called Future: The planet of education and research. I graduated there myself, under a professor addicted to energy fields. There were a total of 500 different universities and academies each with hundreds of different courses. There were gigantic robotic battle arenas, stages where you could present your speech to millions of people at the same time and sky rocking glass buildings everywhere. Although it was not just glass, more like futuristic devices that looked like glass when they were not in use. Hyper loops, beaming machines and space-gates, literally all the expensive tools filled the scenery as if it were normal. I can still remember laughing hysterical when I got accepted, although I can’t remember why.

Yes! Finally I’ve finished my ultimate work, the star destroyer! Now let’s test this monster out… HAHAHAHAHA I just can’t wait anymore, tomorrow I’m going to reward my students’ hard work with results! PAMMM! Ahhhh! What happened, this pain! Everything is black, am I dead? Why? Just why, even though we tried so hard! … … I guess its karma for creating that thing out of fun… how unfair…


Of course, I promise I’ll defeat him and be back right away, and then I’ll read you another good-night story! How about the adventure of the little frog? Yeah of course, it’s a promise! Oh you are back little brother, did you read her another story? The turtle and the bunny, truly fits to her special ability. Hahaha I can’t know that, but good luck tomorrow and don’t get careless only because you can kill dragons in a single hit! Haha, no worries, I already promised, just focus on protecting her little secret while I’m busy! Count on me!
Heal me! Yes I can still go on, I’m so close to defeating him; I definitely must save this planet from evil! Damn didn’t I say you should heal me, what are you d- no no nooo!

On this bloody night that was filled with despair, revenge and bloodlust I saw my love with a sword and arrows through her body. For the first time in this world I began to feel despair; in midst millions of dead bodies that increased the ground level by at least two meters.

You can’t die no matter what, please god nooo! Are you STUPID? If you now stop because of her millions of sacrifices will be in vain! How do you want to explain it to our brother if we lose? You promised him AND her you will kill him no matter what, so what are you doing? – Hurry up and kill him, I’m not gon-swush- … nooo, how dare you, DIEEEE!!!!!! Ha -ha —hahahhaahahah I killed him… Deserves you right you stupid pie- zing! …What? Did I faint? No that’s weird; if you faint you can’t think anymore… No way, don’t tell me I died.

I slowly opened my eyes one last time with all my might to see who killed me.

That guys pointing his weapon at me and he’s laughing, he must be it. But who is it, a demon general? No we already killed them all… or a human that hated me? I mean there where a lot that despised me for prohibiting slaves as a condition for helping them… No that’s not it, it’s smaller and has a green skin… he’s walking towards me. No, are you serious god, are you kidding me? This guy’s definitely wanting to take my head as a trophy, nooo how can this be possible, even the ultimate boss fell against me, how could I get killed by that thing then? Wait its talking?

Hello there pitiful HERO, thank you for kindly offering me your head! Even though I don’t understand why, but my ability tells me that we will meet again in some years. Well then, see you comrade in battle! How? How can this thing speak human language? … Screw Everything!!!


No don’t whine. I’m sure well be able to see each other in the next life. I have no regrets left; I lived a thousand years trying to understand nature. I had you following me for nearly a thousand years, and now I can become one with the karmic cycle and the nature again. So please smile one last time, then I’ll know that you have enjoyed your life with me as well, that would be my greatest joy.

Even though I had bad talent I seemed to have a god’s blessing with me. Even after training diligently more than anyone else, I just couldn’t best them. One year after another appeared dozens of genius youths that best me. After I turned one hundred and fifty years old, I had proudly achieved the 5th stage only to be beaten by a child in his thirties soon after. After the fight I woke up and an old ghost seemed to have recovered my vital spots. She told me when she was still alive 3 thousand years ago, she had achieved the legendary heaven defying demi-god soul rank by advancing with her eternal body cultivation. She taught me her eternal cultivation method that shouldn’t be possible. As it increased my life span to a thousand years and let me break through to seventh rank end stage at an age of 980 years. At that time I finally became the strongest and oldest person in the present.

Slowly he started to smile very slightly. U could clearly see he sprung over the greatest shadow yet in order to fulfil master’s last wish. Ah so that’s how dying feels, clearly an unburdening feeling. I wonder how far I could have cultivated if I were one of those geniuses. The wandering soul that saved me already completely dematerialized, but I can still remember her telling me that one prodigy cultivated to a point where his body turned spiritual but disappeared forever after. But that’s a long lost fairytale.


Let’s go out and play some hide and seek silver! Come on don’t be shy, your friends are waiting for you son. There will be a time where you have to go out and watch yourself. Ok mama… There you finally are, let’s go to the forest! But we can’t go there; my mum told me I shall never go there until I finish school! Hahaha you really are a coward, that’s probably the reason for her forbidding you to go there!

Haha actually im not allowed to go there either, but I bet we can scare him to death there, hahaha!

Come on, you begin with hiding! But I don’t want to go into the forest, my mum said I can’t!

Tch this stupid kid just has to make everything difficult. If we can’t go in there, then where do you wanna hide? There’s only open space here! Grow up a bit and go hide now! Ok then… but only for today! Hahaha finally he went in, this is gonna be ridiculous! Ey, gimme my bear costume, we’re gonna have some big fun with him now hahaha! Ahhhh help me, a bear! Go away! Haha did you hear that guys, wait, why are you looking so scared, did you forget it’s me? No that’s not it, behind you! Huh? Whoa no way what are you still standing there for, lets run! But boss, our friend is in front of it, we must save him! Ahaha are you stupid, do you really think such a coward would be my friend? Just run if you wanna live. But what are we gonna tell his mother? You really are helpless, of course we tell her a bear came out and out of fear this coward ran into the forest, but since we can’t go in there, we couldn’t help him. But I still think it was not right, at least we should be honest. Oh my god you townspeople are really no fun at all!

Woahh! This, this scary thing is trying to kill me Ahhhh!

As fear made calm thinking impossible, I just run crying out loud and I run and I run. I finally stop for a second since my breath left me, but scared of the bear and not knowing where I am I once again run until suddenly everything turns black.

Mommy, Daddy, I don’t wanna die, please help me Wuahh!


*** Means feeling provoked


Next Chapter: Chapter 1: Candle lit night

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